D|Note Rich Content Editor Demo

Welcome to DNote's Rich Content Editor

Start by clicking the "plus"-icon below...
A table column...
Second column
An apple


Specify which elements are supported, by including or excluding javascript files.


Export as html using GetHtml()


Use the standard language translations or write your own and plug them in


Responsive from the get-go. Use the grid system of your favorite framework for creating responsive tables or roll you own and plug it in.

Integrates your File API

During initialization, you can specify the api endpoint for uploading and listing files and images used in the editor.

var options = {
    Language: 'EN',
    UploadUrl: '/api/MyFileApi/Upload',
    FileListUrl: '/api/MyFileApi/FileList',
    GridFramework: 'GridFrameworkBootstrap'
new RichContentEditor().Init('MyEditor', options);

Multiple editors

You can have multiple editors on one page